Windsor Mencap About us

Windsor Mencap is a local independent charity, affiliated to (but not funded by) Royal Mencap Society.  Established in 1958 by a group of parent carers aiming to ensure those with special needs are offered the same opportunities as others in the community.  We provide social opportunities for our members in addition to:      

  • Support and general information windsor mencap
  • Weekly and monthly clubs for our members
  • Outings in the community
  • Buddy Scheme
  • Holidays providing respite care for families
  • Transport 
  • Advocacy

Our vision and mission

Our vision is a world where people with special needs are valued equally, listened to and included. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to achieve the things they want out of life.  

  • To be treated as equal citizens and have control over their lives.
  • To have a childhood like any other child.
  • To live independently as adults.
  • To have support to get a job.
  • To have opportunities to lead fulfilling lives - both for people with a learning disability, their family and carers.
  • To receive good healthcare.
  • To have sufficient income and be economically active.
  • To have opportunities for friendships, relationships and a family life.

Did you know?

There are an estimated 1.4 million people in Great Britain with a learning disability. 

A further 200 babies with a learning disability are born each week.