Windsor Mencap Isle of Wight Holiday Diary






This year we decided to explore far away territories overseas. So Dougal, John E, John R, Darren & Michael, ably supported by Belma, Jo & Adrian left Windsor on a sunny Friday morning headed for Portsmouth and the ferry to the Isle of Wight.

On the ferry, there was initially great concern as to whether we were headed in the right direction, however Michael was finally convinced that the captain knew his way to Fishbourne and sure enough after 45 minutes we were on "foreign soil", with all the excitement that previous explorers had no doubt felt.

The hotel was the best we have ever visited with a huge array of activities, from archery, bowls and golf right through to spa treatments. It was also right on the beach, which was perfect for early morning walks, where we played dare with the waves, with mixed results ending in a soggy foot or two.

On Saturday we set off to explore the Island and enjoyed visits to a garlic farm and Osborne, the home so loved by Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. Throughout the day excitement built for the evening activity ahead as Saturday night was going to be ABBA night!!!  By the time ABBA arrived on stage, fever pitch had well and truly been reached and we all (well maybe not Adrian) danced wildly into the early hours. Darren led a mass conga which was joined by around 50 guests and all the chaps seemed to make close friends with a variety of ladies, young & old.

Sunday was a calmer day, with walks & bowls, however we did win the afternoon quiz, with Dougal claiming the fridge magnet prize due to his winning of our own afternoon competition. However excitement levels increased again into the evening as tonight's entertainment was to be the Tina Turner experience and WOW! What an experience, with both Dougal & Darren being serenaded by the great lady.

Monday saw us packing up and saying farewell to a huge number of friends made over the weekend. Our men had been a huge hit with everyone and had been of great credit to Windsor Mencap. 

On the ferry home the question "are we coming back next year?" was asked. Of course we are.